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Why You Should Support Small Businesses

At LEGO stores in the United States directory, our company philosophy has always been oriented towards supporting small businesses, entrepreneurial movements and, ultimately, improving local businesses.

Today we want to share the reasons why proximity commerce well-being should matter to all of us and thus be able to share this vision with more people willing to create a change in their consumption.

Let’s start by defining what proximity commerce is, this concept refers to local stores or businesses close to you, which gives us a clue as to the first reason why they are important:

1) They are always close to you

People often do not value it, but the fact of living in a neighborhood where there are several small businesses near your home should be considered a luxury.

 You can live peacefully without making large trips on a daily basis to make your purchases. Think about it, how far would you have to go if all the stores in your neighborhood suddenly closed permanently?

2) They generate employment

When you shop at a small store, you are buying from your neighbor. Now more than ever we must be more aware of where we are investing our money and what we are contributing to with our daily purchases.

Does your purchase only benefit you or does it also generate more employment? They are small actions that generate bigger changes than you think.

3) They reduce pollution

Long and polluting import routes are generally not a problem for local businesses. Fortunately, many people are realizing how beneficial it is for our planet to be able to produce and consume locally.

Local businesses bring sustainability to consumption and many of them consider this idea to be part of their identity. For this reason, they also do their best to constantly improve details such as their sustainable packaging.

4) They give life to your neighborhood

Proximity commerce is definitely the joy of the neighborhood. They are not only excellent meeting points with friends and family, their presence in the streets makes the atmosphere very different and more special.

Have you ever imagined what your street would look like without those little shops, bars or restaurants? Very sad, right? Long live the diversity of shops!

5) They improve the economy

This point should be very weighty for everyone. Let us remember that all the franchises and large foreign companies will never have a great impact on the Spanish economy.

Those who are really with us when it comes to paying taxes will always be small businesses. The least we can do to help is to contribute whenever we can by making our purchases in those stores.

6) They have the best customer service

Indisputable. There is nothing better than the warmth and closeness offered by the treatment of a small business. They are the kind of stores where the clerks recognize their customers, their tastes and even greet you by name every time you return to their store.

The attention and care they devote to dealing with their customers is of a completely different level than large companies and shopping malls. Although it is a very humble store, its focus will always be that its client has the best possible service and wants to return soon.

7) Specialization

Along with the good customer service, we must also highlight the degree of specialization of small businesses in their products and services. Whenever you are looking for a 100% reliable source of information, we recommend that you ask the shop assistants. Their answer will always be very complete and of great help so that you can make your decision correctly.

If you think we missed any important reason, we invite you to write it in the comments to continue promoting consumption in local businesses.


In conclusion, there are many reasons to support local businesses, we hope that this post will serve to continue spreading the importance and impact that caring for our small businesses can have on our lives.

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