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The 25 Best Real Estate Blogs to Read in 2023

 It’s impossible to be good at your job as a realtor if you don’t know the industry. If you spend hours each week reading, you won’t be able to start a real estate business or grow an existing one. In order to help your clients, it’s important to stay up-to-date on industry news, trends, and marketing advice.

Here are the best real estate blogs to follow in 2018. Each week, follow five of your favorites. You’ll feel more connected to your industry, and you’ll be able to provide more value to your clients. Thank you for reading!

The 2023 Real Estate Blogs Every Realtor Should Read

1. Porchlight by Zillow

Suitable for: Homebuyers

The consumer-focused blog provides great information on what’s hot in housing and rental markets, how to build home equity, and what homeowners should know about new legislation.

2. A blog for CRE professionals

Suitable for: Real estate investors

Be aware of what real estate investors are doing in the current market. Tips on avoiding common real estate mistakes, mastering rental properties, and choosing the right investment strategy are available on CRE Online.


Suitable for: Real estate agents and appraisers

Do you want to grow your appraisal skills and real estate career? You can start with McKissock. Become familiar with real estate tax laws, home appraisals for specific home types, and even how to balance parenting and a real estate career.

4. Williams & Co.

Suitable for: Real estate agents

The Keller Williams Blog has it all — lead generation, real estate marketing, branding, and even training opportunities. Discover how to grow your business with hand-curated TED talks, the latest real estate regulations, and TED Talks.

5. Educating through Fundrise

Suitable for: Real estate investors

If you’re investing in real estate for the first time or for the 15th time, you’ll find helpful how-to articles and opinion pieces on Fundrise that will help you make the right choices.

6. Wires for the housing

Suitable for: Real estate agents and investors

Providing the latest trends in interest rates, finance, and regulation, Housing Wire is your one-stop-shop for industry news. You can help your clients make informed decisions about the market by providing valuable information.

7. Blog for Bigger Pockets

Suitable for: Homeowners, real estate agents

Read authoritative articles on real estate investing, personal finance, and real estate marketing. The BiggerPockets Blog offers helpful resources for landlords, first-time homebuyers, and agents.

8. Taking a look at real estate

Suitable for: Real estate agents

It offers fresh insights on real estate policy, possible violations, and home equity loans as the official blog of the National Association of Realtors®. In today’s overcrowded internet landscape, their no-frills approach stands out.

9. The Inmans

Suitable for: Real estate agents

How tech-savvy are you as a realtor? Inman Blog is perfect for you. Find out what the biggest agencies are doing in real estate technology. Listed here are the latest trends in homebuying for the modern realtor, so if you’re interested in learning more, you’re in the right place.

10. Blog for Redfin

Suitable for: Real estate agents, homebuyers

On their signature blog, Redfin regularly shares homebuyer information from their database. Realtors and homebuyers will find local and national real estate news here.

11. A blog about information services

Suitable for: Real estate agents

Can’t find the latest realtor-relevant news by browsing dozens of websites? The National Association of Realtors® Blog offers weekly summaries of the most important articles. The only blog you should follow from this list is this one.

12. Times of New York – Real Estate

Suitable for: Real estate agents, homebuyers

You’ll discover insights into the global market, think-pieces on where the industry’s headed, and helpful articles on trends the Times’ experts are spotting.

13. Blog that is the real deal

For real estate agents, homebuyers, and landlords

Learn how to buy, sell, rent, or own real estate. In addition to articles that everyone can learn from, Realest also provides helpful, local news and information.

14. Real estate magazine Forbes

Suitable for: Homebuyers, owners, and investors

In addition to offering unique insight into the global real estate market, financial advice for homebuyers and sellers, and deep-dives into local markets, the Forbes Blog offers something for agents and buyers alike.

15. Then invest four more

Suitable for: Real estate investors

In this straightforward blog, you’ll find real-life advice and hard-learned lessons about investing and flipping houses. This blog has unvarnished information for anyone considering their first flip or entering the rental world.

16. News about residential real estate in the Business Journals

Suitable for: Real estate agents, homebuyers

Here you can find real estate news, global viewpoints, and financial advice. Here, you will find interesting articles on national real estate projects, challenges facing homebuyers, and news on huge real estate deals, but not much depth on any one subject.

17. Close-up

Suitable for: Real estate agents

We provide actionable, strategic insights from industry professionals to agents, teams, and brokerages. Find out about real estate marketing, lead generation, and team-building strategies.

18. Real Estate Blog by Century 21®

A good choice for: Homebuyers and sellers

We have the inspiration you need to turn your current house into a beautiful home or a lucrative investment, whether you’re wondering what home project will give you the best return on investment.

19. The REtipster.

Suitable for: Real estate investors

Are you interested in being a part-time real estate investor with plenty of time and space to live the way you want? Hopefully, this blog will assist you in doing so.

20. Fox, Jason

Suitable for: Real estate agents

A self-titled blog by Fox offers practical advice on how to manage homebuyer expectations, as well as tips on how to reach younger homebuyers. You’ll find both practical and valuable marketing tips here.

21. Blog by RE/MAX

Suitable for: Homebuyers, sellers, and owners

Your buyers and sellers will find practical tips here on how to prepare for an open house, budget for a first home, or live in a tiny house.

22. A blog from Cornerstone Home Lending

Suitable for: Real estate agents

A glossy site that offers realtors advice on how to approach uncomfortable conversations, mortgage rate news, and practical articles on how to make the most of their time. Here’s a quick, feel-good read that will give you immediate, actionable steps.

23. The Sotheby’s International Realty Group

Suitable for: Luxury real estate agents, window shoppers

As aspirational as its clientele, Sotheby’s luxury living blog features a variety of lifestyle posts. Discover luxury real estate headlines, posh destination roundups, and development spotlights on high-end global sales here.

24. Blog by Trulia

Suitable for: Buyers and sellers of homes

For homebuyers and sellers, Trulia’s blog is a goldmine. A separate Money Matters section helps buyers obtain good credit scores and save for a down payment, as well as subsections on housing market analysis, the economy, and affordable homebuying.

25. Staying up-to-date

Suitable for: Homebuyers

Homebuyers and owners can benefit from this resource as well. Find out what to do in a bidding war, and which states have the most affordable housing.

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