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Modern Garage Doors For Your Home

It’s a beautiful house you have. Your kitchen was renovated, your bathroom was remodeled, and you installed a swimming pool. What is the reason for your outdated modern garage doors? A style refresh might be as simple as painting your walls and replacing your appliances, but you might be wasting a great opportunity. Home improvement experts ranked garage door replacement as the top investment option for Return on Investment (ROI) in the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report. It is easy and cost-effective to update your garage door from ultra-modern to classic-contemporary.

Bring your home’s exterior up to date with a contemporary style modern garage door. The panels can be made of glass, aluminum, fiberglass or steel, and the finishes can be painted, anodized or wood grain powder coated. Depending on the door model you select, you can choose between different window styles and hardware options.

Modern Garage Doors with Envy™ Glass

Envy™ – The name says it all. Envy™ Model 956 aluminum full view garage doors are unmatched in beauty and luxury. You can choose from five impressive glass options for your home with a unique frameless design. This modern garage door has glass panels mounted on top of an aluminum structure for a sleek and modern appearance. You can choose between an anodized finish in black or bronze, or a powder coat finish in white, bronze, or black. You can select from opaque white, opaque black, mirrored gray, mirrored bronze, or translucent black glass for this modern garage door.

Aluminum Modern Garage Doors

The ultra-contemporary look requires a sleek, striking piece. The modern garage doors are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum and advanced light-filtering glass that make a beautiful focal point for your home. Anodized or dark bronze finishes are available on the modern aluminum garage doors. A powder coat color can also be selected from approximately 200 options. There are three types of glass available for this modern garage door: clear, obscure, and satin.

The model 511 has doors up to 16′ 2″ wide by 16′ 1″ high and narrow rails and stiles. Model 521 is a heavy-duty frame with wide, heavy-duty rails and stiles, as well as doors up to 26′ 2″ wide by 20′ 1″ high. Wind load and impact ratings can be added to the 521 garage door, making it suitable for a variety of wind conditions. The 521 can also be ordered with wood grain powder coat and optional polyurethane insulation up to 18′ 2″ wide.

Fiberglass Modern Garage Doors Impressive

With an artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface, these modern fiberglass garage doors look like wood but aren’t. A jack of all trades material, fiberglass is used in a wide variety of construction projects in today’s world. Fiberglass is a smart investment because it is lightweight, strong, and flexible. Modern engineering meets the rich look and feel of real wood in the Fiberglass Impression Collection®.

There are four different designs available in the Impression Collection®

  • An oak wood grain pattern adorns the classic vertical raised panel design of 981.
  • An oak wood grain pattern is featured on the horizontal raised panels of 982.
  • Cherry wood grain patterns are featured on 983 garage doors.
  • Featuring a mahogany wood grain pattern, the 984 garage door features horizontal V-grooves. ​​ ​​

The standard stain finishes include white, clay, gray, oak, red oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, honduran mahogany, and green. You can choose from clear, obscure, satin, gray, bronze or green glass for these modern garage doors. The hardware for garage doors, such as hinges and handles, can also be added.

Modern Garage Doors Made of Insulated Steel

A triple layer of steel-polyurethane-steel provides a combination of durability and thermal efficiency in Thermacore® insulated steel doors. For maximum thermal efficiency, Thermacore® insulation is foamed-in-place, CFC-free polyurethane sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel. Thermal seals in between sections provide superior resistance to the elements with an air infiltration rating of up to 0.08 cfm. A finished, clean look is provided by the steel backing on the interior side.

Among the five designs available, there are the standard, the V5, the V10, the long, and the flush. This line of garage doors comes in white, almond, desert tan, and sandstone colors. There are a variety of garage door panel colors and window styles available depending on the model you choose. For more information, contact your local Overhead Door distributor.

Modern Carriage House Garage Doors

A carriage house style garage door from the Courtyard Collection® is the perfect blend of classic charm and modern practicality. The design breadth and flexibility of these garage doors make them perfect for any home, in addition to their longevity. Their classic design enhances the architectural beauty of your home by combining the beauty of wood with the durability of steel. A variety of colors, windows and decorative hardware are available for these carriage house style garage doors, which offer superior insulation with an R-value of up to 12.76.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s survey, upgrading your garage door to match your home’s style is one of the best investments you can make. There’s no way to predict whether quartz or granite will be in vogue next, but you can count on a new modern garage door to provide value, beauty, and reliability for years to come.


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