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Fitted Mats Could Be The Perfect Fit To Your Business

Consider your options when choosing mats for your business. Do you want custom branded models? Or do you wish to buy or rent them? And, what type of mats should be used for your floors?

In fact, installing fitted carpets offers more benefits than what you might have thought, especially for high footfall areas.

What are fitted well mats?

Ultimate mats can be fitted well perfectly into any recess. Professional installation will ensure the best results. They are the best solution for any area that a loose floor covering would not work, such the entrance to busy reception. They stay put even if they get walked over. You have a choice of upvc backing, rubber, or coir. They can be made to any size or shape, and can even fit in a wall-to-wall space. This precision allows for efficient budgeting, and little waste.

You can personalize the products with your logo or branding, to make them as unique and individual as possible.

Ultimate mats and how they can benefit your business?

Fitted entrance mats are more beneficial than you might have realized. It’s especially important for high-end businesses who want to leave a lasting impression.

Fitted mats make a great choice for hospitality environments such as restaurants and hotels.

We discuss the many benefits of commercial mats here.

1The mats are in place

The obvious benefit of these commercial rubber mats is that they fit into a recess. They don’t slip on or slide across the surface, regardless of how high the footfall. This adds an additional layer to your floor that no other floor coverings can offer. There is no risk of your floor covering becoming a trip-hazard. This is especially important in areas with high footfall.

2 Fitted mats have a neater look

Fitted mats are more seamless than loose-lying mats because they don’t slip or slide around on the floor. This allows for a neater finish and appearance. This will create a lasting impression about your brand. Fitted mats make the building look more professional than loose entrance mats.

3 Fitted entry mats can be made in any size or shape you require

Ultimate mats may be made in many shapes. Ultimate mats can be made in many different shapes and sizes, giving you more freedom to design than other types of entrance mats. You can have the mat you desire in any shape, or whatever size your entrance is, it will fit perfectly!

4 Great for branding, advertising

The flexibility and adaptability of mats doesn’t stop with the custom-made shaping. Fitted carpets are a great way to promote your business and brand. You can add your own custom logo rugs, company name, or logo to enhance the professional appearance and professionalism of your fitted mats.

5 Matts that are fitted last longer

Fitted entrance mats offer a great solution to areas with heavy footfall. Because the edges fit tightly into the ultimate mats they don’t get ripped or bent. They also last longer than commercial mats. This saves you money as you don’t have to replace them often.

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