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Choose the Best Champagne for Birthday Gift

Is one of your relatives or friends going to celebrate their birthday soon? Offer them a great bottle of champagne to bring them joy and help them celebrate the happy event. But what champagne to give as a birthday present? Find out our advice to make the best choice.

Choose the Champagne According to the Birthday Meal

If you want the bottle to be opened during the party, the choice will depend on the birthday meal. Indeed, you can pick the ideal bottle according to the menu. You must then know in advance if they are planning a large meal or a simple appetizer. This point must be carefully considered. You can browse champagne wines here and buy the best bottle for a birthday gift. For instance, Brut champagne is an excellent choice for an aperitif with friends or colleagues. It is less sweet and can easily pair with tartlets, mini pizzas, mini quiches, biscuits, puff pastries and salty snacks.

Rosé champagne also is perfect for an aperitif. It has a light and pleasant note in the mouth. In addition, drinking rosé champagne is not likely to spoil the appetite. White champagne, which is 100% Chardonnay, goes well with a seafood birthday meal. If a buffet of shrimp, lobster, clams, langoustine, oysters, crab is planned, a white champagne is highly recommended by wine and champagne experts. On the other hand, a bottle of Pinot Noir suits meat plates. Sweet champagne is a type of vintage that matches perfectly with dessert. The sweet taste of a soft champagne goes well with pastries.

Choose a Champagne Gift According to Price and Quality

The different bottles of champagne available on the market differ in price and range. You can choose an excellent champagne based on these points. Indeed, these elements can serve as selection criteria in order to find the best bottle. Among the greatest champagnes of optimum quality, there is the Dom Pérignon Cuvée. What is the price of the best champagne? However, this prestigious sparkling wine is only available at a high price.

Its cost is more than 700 dollars. Most of the time, great connoisseurs are tempted to buy champagne at this price. Moreover, the Dom Perignon sparkling vintage is classified among the high-end champagnes. Whatever your budget, you can buy quality champagne by considering a few factors. Click here to learn how to identify good champagne. The recipient will be happy with your gift.



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