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All You Need To Know About Hemorrhoid Disease

Hemorrhoids are a common disease in both males and females and affect 1in every 30 Americans. This clearly shows that half of the adult population in the USA is facing this medical condition. Most commonly, women face this condition during pregnancy and childbirth due to the high pressure of a baby carrying in their belly leaves extra pressure on the blood veins, particularly in the pelvic area. Although there can be some other reasons which cause an individual such condition.

Since there are different types of hemorrhoids that are a little different from each other. While some are very painful, and some aren’t that much. Immediate medical assistance and taking precautions may be helpful in treating this disease. Otherwise, patients who don’t pay heed to the treatment suffer from extreme irritation, bleeding, and itching in that area. Therefore, treating it at the right time is extremely important.

This article will be helpful in getting to know all the aspects of hemorrhoid disease so you may be able to fix it at the right time. So, without any further ado. Let’s get started.

What is hemorrhoid disease?

hemorrhoid is a disease in which the area around the rectum and anus gets swollen, veins get enlarged from the both inside and the outside area. Having this condition may be very uncomfortable, and painful and cause rectal bleeding. This disease is also known as piles. In general, we all are born with hemorrhoids, but to extent of baseline, this doesn’t get you trouble. But when they become enlarged and inflamed, ultimately cause irritation, itching, and bleeding.

External hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids are one type of hemorrhoid that impact the vessels’ external part of the anus. This type of hemorrhoid is quite painful and potentially causes irritation, bleeding, and cracking. This may be treated by over-the-counter treatments and some home remedies.

Internal hemorrhoids:

This type of hemorrhoid affects the inside area of the rectum. An individual with internal hemorrhoids may not feel or see them and they are not painful as hemorrhoid external. You will come to know about this condition when you see tiny blood spots on your tissue paper or the toilet seat while pooping.

Is hemorrhoids a serious thing?

In general, this disease is not chronic or deadly as other diseases. If you have noticed symptoms for about 1 week. It will be necessary to see a doctor or take any OTC treatment to start treating. You may face some bleeding during that period. But to make sure the type of this disease, seeing a doctor will be a good idea.

Do hemorrhoids go away on their own?

It depends on the type of hemorrhoids you have. If you have small hemorrhoids, don’t worry they will go away by their one in a few days without any treatment. On the other hand, if you have got a larger one, specifically, they cause a lot of pain and make you feel uncomfortable. The itching, bleeding, and cracking in the case of large hemorrhoids don’t go away on their own. They require a specified treatment and it gets crucial to see a doctor at that point to lessen the risk and pain.

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids.

These are the common symptoms of hemorrhoids that one can have when having this disease.

  • Tinny spots of bright red blood on the toilet seat or paper right after you poop.
  • Itchy skin around the anus
  • Lumps around the anus area
  • Swelling around the anus
  • Extreme discomfort and painless bleeding while bowel movement

What foods trigger hemorrhoids?

You will need to avoid eating these food items once you have been diagnosed with such a condition to reduce the chances to suffer from it again.

  • All types of fast food items
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Chips
  • Preserved food items

Diagnosis process of hemorrhoids.

The diagnosis process of internal hemorrhoid has two different ways to get checked the actual severity of the disease.

Digital examination:

For a digital diagnosis, a physician or practitioner enters a fully lubricated, gloved finger into the anus especially to feel something unusual like to check the growth of the infection, etc. This type of examination also proves beneficial to diagnose the condition exactly as it is to treat it 10x faster than usual.

Visual diagnosis:

Since the internal hemorrhoids are somehow quite softened to feel during the rectal examination. The physician may also examine the lower part of the colon and the rectum area along with an anoscope or other devices.

Can hemorrhoids be cured easily?

Yes! hemorrhoids can be treated easily by simply changing your lifestyle and paying heed to the regimen. A person with such a condition should not put stress on those areas and take rest more. Additionally, he should attentively eat his diet. Avoid eating all fast food items, and preserved items and by adding medication for a few days to his routine. He will recover soon and will be healed completely. Although seeing a doctor is crucial, a person may also take some OTC creams and antibiotics for immediate healing options.

When should you get worried about hemorrhoids?

If you face some extreme rectal bleeding and feel quite discomfort all the time, that may be a point where you should get worried about it. If you have already tried OTC treatment and didn’t feel any improvements. See a doctor immediately to get relief.

What is the fastest way to heal hemorrhoids?

These are the ways that by implementing one, you can actually heal the disease swiftly.

  • Start eating fiber-rich food.
  • Add fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to your diet.
  • Have some topical treatments, like OTC creams, or use pads that should contain witch hazel or any other numbing agent.
  • Also, take some oral painkillers.

How long do hemorrhoids take to heal?

Well, there is no specific time period for how long this disease last. In general, many people get relief in just a few days and some don’t. But if you immediately get some treatment after getting diagnosed. There are more chances that you will be free from this disease within a few days.


All the crucial aspects of hemorrhoids are covered. It is important to get your disease diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid discomfort and further rectal bleeding which feels very painful. You may try some OTC treatments. Some people feel improvement and if you don’t see any improvement. See a doctor immediately.


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