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A Perfect Recipe to Prepare Cocktails to Serve After Dinner

Drinks and meals have a very close relationship. Complementary beverages with your meals can help you enhance the flavors of dishes. Besides, some drinks can aid in digesting meals when you pair them with meals. Consuming several beverages and food items together can create a delightful and enriched flavor for your meals. You will not feel satisfied with your lunch or dinner until you take a sip of the paired drink. Mostly alcoholic drinks help you break down food for better digestion. It is proven scientifically that alcoholic beverages are a better option for you to drink after dinner meals.

Nowadays, cocktails are high on the trend list and one of the most popular beverages to eat with or without meals. Whether you want to consume a digestif to help you with meals or like to have a delicious liquid complement with your meals, cocktails are best to pair. Moreover, you can find plenty of recipes to make a mouth-watering cocktail at home. It is better to skip buying readymade drinks and canned cocktails from the serve over counter display fridge. You can also make these sweet treats in big batches for cocktail parties. These alcoholic drinks are ideal to consume after lunch and dinner because drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach can cause harm and bring an unpleasant feeling.

You can consume meals before drinking can help you slow down or reduce the effect of alcohol on your body. Drinking whiskey after a large or heavy meal can help ease your upset stomach. These alcoholic drinks can help you break down your food particles. In this article, we are jotting down an easy and delicious recipe to make a cocktail you can serve after dinner. Read the below recipe that requires a handful of ingredients and no special techniques to craft a heavenly cocktail.

Recipe Name: Cherry Sazerac

Course: drinks/ beverages

Prep time: 05 minutes

Cook time: 0 minutes

Total time: 05 minutes

Servings: One person


One sugar cube

Three dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters

Two ounces of rye whiskey (you can change the measurement according to taste)

1/4 ounce of absinthe (you can also use anise liqueur)

Lemon twist (for garnish)


Prepare the old-fashioned glass:

The first step for Cherry Sazerac is preparing the old-fashioned glass. Take the glass and fill it with ice chunks. Keep the glass at the side while you prepare the rest of the drink.

Muddle the sugar cube:

Now, take a mixing glass to prepare the mixture of sugar and bitters. Add the sugar cube to the mixing glass and soak them in bitters. Now, take a muddler and muddle the sugar cubes with the bitters.

Add the rye whiskey:

After that, take the rye whiskey and pour it into the mixing glass of sugar cubes and bitters. Stir the combination of a sugar cube, bitters, and rye whiskey.

Rinse the glass with absinthe:

In this step, take the old-fashioned glass with ice in it. Discard the ice chunks from the glass and rinse it with absinthe. Pour a small amount of absinthe, swirl it around the chilled glass and throw the rest of the liquid away.

Add the whiskey mixture to the old-fashioned glass:

Take the rinsed glass and pour the prepared mixture of sugar cubes, bitters, and rye whiskey into the glass.

Top the glass with garnishes:

In the last step, take a lemon and squeeze it over your prepared drink. The essence of lemon in the drink will add to the bitter flavor. Try not to throw the peel of the lemon but rather lay it on the rim of the glass, and your classic Cherry Sazerac drink is ready to serve.

Recipe notes:

You can muddle sugar cubes with water and then add bitters to them.

For bitters, you can use a combination.

You can add more amount of whiskey to the drink if you like more taste of whiskey. But do not forget to balance the flavor of the whiskey with some more sugar cubes.

For rinsing the glass, you can use another liqueur other than absinthe.

For a spicy touch of rye, you can experiment with bourbons.


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