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6 Advantages Of Hiring A Recruitment Agency

1. Knowledge of the market.

Recruitment agencies are always monitoring the market. An important part of their activities is keeping up to date with the latest news and relevant information that may affect businesses and industries.

In addition, they have the necessary tools and knowledge to know where and how to locate the best resources. They also provide advice on salaries and job prospects to candidates.

2. Wide search range.

One of the big problems that human resources departments encounter is that they have limited resources to search for the right candidate, while recruitment agencies offer candidates attractive offers and conditions that stimulate their availability.

Recruitment agencies have an extensive network of contacts that they can contact quickly, which speeds up and defines the search processes with greater precision.

3. Direct access to candidates.

Anyone who works in an internal selection department will quickly become aware of the large number of applicants available, but who are not suitable for the requested requirements. This causes additional work to filter candidates and slows down the process.

By comparison, it recruitment agency in Krakow will quickly offer a validated list of candidates. Previously checked and validated, with the knowledge and skills appropriate to the position offered.

4. They provide access to your network of contacts.

They are not only a perfect option to select the perfect candidate for a given position, but they also offer the opportunity to network

Networking or what we could translate as a network of contacts. Introducing your company in communications with schools, universities and other educational centers, which will provide them with the opportunity to promote careers and jobs.

5. They can unlock a selection.

Often, our selection processes get bogged down in the search for profiles that are too specific and difficult to obtain. A recruitment agency can help you unlock that situation by giving you access to people with the perfect skills for your needs.

6. Cost-time-effort effectiveness.

Using a recruitment agency can be an effective method of recruiting staff, saving a considerable amount of cost, time and effort.

  • Time savings: They will provide you with valid and screened information, instead of having to burden your Human Resources team with this laborious task. They will also organize the interviews and monitor the entire process, relieving you of administrative and bureaucratic tasks.
  • Efficiency: The recruitment agency will collect all the information from the candidates and use their knowledge of the market to select the best ones. His knowledge of the process will make everything run smoothly and professionally.
  • Cost reduction: The publication of job offers is expensive and cumbersome to follow through the different portals (Infojobs, LinkedIn, Tecnoempleo, etc). These costs and management will be delegated to the selection agencies. Internal personnel management teams will not be affected by the selection processes, which means direct cost savings. The chance of ending up selecting the wrong candidate is reduced.

In the long term, collaborating with a recruitment agency implies knowledge of the organization itself and company policies, which helps make the process more efficient and faster.


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