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5 Ways to Style a Playboy Hoodie

The playboy bunny logo is iconic in fashion, particularly the hoodie. Whether you’re looking for a cozy night-in outfit or something to wear out and about, here are five ways to style your playboy hoodie. 

1. With Jeans: A classic look that never fails! Pairing your favorite pair of jeans with your hoodie will add an effortless, cool vibe to any outfit. Throw on a pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go!  

2. With A Skirt: This is a great way to dress up the casual hoodie look while still adding some edge. Try pairing it with an A-line mini skirt and some combat boots or ankle boots for a grungy yet stylish look. 

3. With Track Pants: For an athleisure look, pair your hoodie with some track pants or joggers and some white sneakers. This style looks best when the colors of the track pants match those of the hoodie – so if you have multiple colors of playboy hoodie in your wardrobe, this is the perfect setup for layering them together! 

4. With Shorts: If you want something more laid back, try wearing your playboy hoodie with some denim shorts and sandals for a summery take on this classic look. 

5. With Overalls: For a more playful vibe, layer your playboy hoodie over a pair of overalls – preferably ones that are distressed or faded for more visual interest! Add a pair of chunky platform shoes for an edgy touch that won’t go unnoticed. 

No matter how you decide to wear it, styling your playboy hoodie can be fun and creative! Whether you’re looking for something more casual or something more dressed up, these five styling options will help you get started creating unique outfits that will show off your personality in style. So grab your favorite playboy hoodie and start experimenting today!

Why Everyone Needs a Playboy Merch 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the magazine, or just looking to make a statement with some stylish apparel, everyone needs something from the playboy merch store. The iconic brand has been around since the 1950s and continues to be an absolute staple in fashion and culture. Let’s take a look at why so many people are clamoring for their own piece of Playboy merch. 

 Comfort and Style 

When it comes to clothing, comfort is key. The majority of the items offered in the Playboy merch store are made with incredibly soft fabrics that provide ultimate comfort as well as timeless style. Whether you’re rocking an eye-catching logo hoodie or comfortable joggers, there is something for everyone at the Playboy store. 

A Piece of History 

The Playboy brand has been around longer than most current fashion trends. It’s become an institution over its 60+ years of existence, and wearing something from its stash gives you access to a part of that history. You can show your appreciation for all they’ve done while also adding some timeless pieces to your wardrobe!  


The amount of items offered in the Playboy merch store is astounding! From t-shirts and hats to jackets and joggers, there are dozens of styles available for both men and women alike. Everyone is sure to find something that speaks to them, no matter what their style may be! 

Plus Size Options   It can be difficult for plus size shoppers to find clothing that fits comfortably AND looks good at the same time; thankfully, the people behind the Playboy merch store understand this challenge! They offer a wide variety of sizes up to 5XL in certain items—including tees, sweatshirts, sweaters, joggers, and more—so everyone can enjoy looking great without having to worry about how things fit! 

No matter who you are or what your style may be, every person could benefit from having some piece of PlayBoy merchandise in their wardrobe. Not only do these pieces offer incredible comfort and style but they also give you access to one of history’s most iconic brands. With so many different styles available in sizes up to 5XL, there really isn’t any reason not to add some classic PlayBoy apparel to your closet today! So go ahead – add some swagger into your life with PlayBoy merch!


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